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HFH is home to one of the Iranian's strongest Veterinary Ophthalmology teams with experience in diagnosing, treating and managing thousands of patients with a full range of complex eye conditions. Our Specialist Ophthalmologists have a broad range of interests in both medical and surgical eye conditions including:
• Eyelid disorders and reconstructive lid surgery
• Glaucoma management
• Investigation and treatment of ocular inflammatory disease
• Sudden onset blindness/SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome)
• Corneal sequestrum and corneal grafting procedures for the management of corneal ulcers and other disorders of the cornea.
Our Specialist team also has a major interest in lens luxation and cataracts, and in particular their surgical management by phacoemulsification.
What Facilities are Available at HFH?
• State-of-the-art phacoemulsification equipment
• High specification operating microscope
• Cryotherapy unit
• Corneal cross-linking