Why should I bring my pet to HFH for neutering?
Neutering (de-sexing) of non-breeding household pets can have significant health benefits and reduce the risk of developing serious illnesses later on in life.
We recommend spaying (neuter) of non-breeding female dogs, cats and rabbits, not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy but also potential infections (Pyometra), uterine and ovarian tumors and to reduce the risk of mammary tumors.
Bitches come into season approximately twice a year (every six months) and we recommend spaying half way between two seasons. Here at HFH we offer both traditional and laparoscopic (key-hole) spaying options for your female dog; your vet will be happy to discuss the benefits of either type of procedure with you to decide which approach best suits your needs.
Our Vets will be happy to discuss neutering with you at any time.